Medical Marijuana for Senior Citizens

Senior citizen using medical marijuanaMy name is Tom, I’m a married 43 year father to a six year old daughter, and the goal of this site is simple; To gather information from the web and people online about using marijuana for senior citizens. I manage an optometrists office where we diagnose glaucoma on an almost daily basis. Our average patient age is 55, so I see a great many patients much older, take their medical histories, see all the drugs they’re taking, and hear the stories of the difficulties associated with aging.

 Both my parents will turn 65 this October, my mother had had a mastectomy and my father has ongoing skin cancer. Their spouses are about the same age and all have ongoing pain associated with arthritis and similar maladies that all people encounter as they age

 When I set out to find answers for them when medical marijuana was legalized recently in Illinois, I was frankly astonished at how little research was available. Marijuana is categorized as a stage 1 drug by the Federal government still, and as a result, very little research is done. The Fed normally funds the majority of drug research, and the pharmaceutical companies that sponsor the rest are understandably uncomfortable working with something that could cause them big problems.

 Finally, no doctors practicing today were trained in how to prescribe and use medical marijuana effectively in med school. My father recently  asked his family doctor about it, and he responded that he honestly doesn’t have the time or inclination to retrain his whole staff on how and when to prescribe and monitor senior citizens or any patients using marijuana. While it’s been around for thousands of years, only anecdotal evidence has been collected.

 So if that’s all we have, that’s what we will have to work with. The wonders of the internet and the people who come across this site will hopefully help me find answers to to my family’s issues, and share that knowledge with you, the patients who need answers.

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