Medical Marijuana is Medicine

I ran across a story on CBS’s site today that I found to be a good overview for seniors considering using medical marijuana. The video’s a little less than eight minutes long, and originally appeared on CBS’s Sunday morning show.


It fairly addresses many of the challenges of medical marijuana acceptance and usage among the senior population, including:


1) The stigma associated with marijuana in general by those over 65. Most telling to me was the Governor of Colorado, who explained that seniors were the most opposed to legalization in his state. Though he opposed it initially along with that crucial voting bloc, he admitted that he expected that that broader acceptance was on the way.


2) Doctors’ challenges getting research done given Federal Government’s current policies. They talk to a University of California professor who recently received a rare federal grant to study whether use of opiates, which are regularly used to treat pain, could be replaced or reduced by medical marijuana.


3) How to educate the senior population as the number of using marijuana is rapidly increasing. Barry Peterson, the reporter doing the story, talks to a small group of seniors using medical marijuana, mainly for sleeping assistance and chronic pain. Included are a former school principal, a leader of a medical marijuana group at a large senior centre, and some individuals who have found the health benefits to be substantial.


My take was that it is a great introduction, from a trusted and traditionally conservative news program, especially for those just considering the possibility that medical marijuana could improve their quality of life. A great Medical marijuana 101 for seniors looking into it, or family members who wanted to break the ice when talking to the seniors they care for.

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