Can I Grow my own Medical Marijuana?

Can I Grow Myself

No insurance that we have ever heard of is yet covering medical marijuana. As a result, virtually all users have to pay out of pocket, and sometimes the cost can be prohibitive. Most states laws’ have severely controlled supplies by limiting the number of grow facilities, and strictly licensing and regulating dispensaries. The result is that one quarter ounce of medical grade marijuana can run $80-$150 dollars. Depending on the frequency of use and potency of plant, some people may only need an eighth of an ounce per week, while others might use a half an ounce.

Growing your own plants can be an affordable option in event that you determine that chronic conditions like arthritis and insomnia are effectively treated by medical marijuana. If you are using the medicine for acute pain and don’t plan on long-term use, then growing may not be for you. Either way, you would be best served by starting with an established dispensary to help you determine the type and potency of the plant that is more effective for you. Growing medical marijuana is not overly complicated, but it does take at least a modest investment in money, and an investment of time.


 Possible Options Are based on State Law

The average plant goes from seeds to flowing plant within 10-12 weeks. During that time, you will spend at least several hours per week germinating seeds, watering, fertilizing, adjusting lighting conditions, transferring to larger grow containers, and eventually harvesting and drying. Often, finding the right seeds and location for your grow space can be the most complicated issues. There are hundreds of videos online that can help you along the way, but we found this one was a great introduction for people considering it:

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 You first need to understand the laws in your own particular state about whether self cultivation is allowed. In many cases, people prescribed medical doctor by a licensed physician are allowed to grow 2-4 plants for personal use. Even states without formal legalization statutes have decriminalized marijuana and politicians and local law enforcement are loathe to pursue and prosecute the sick and elderly. Every individual needs to make their own decision, but if you are a senior challenged by the costs associates with long-term medical marijuana use, growing is certainly an option worth considering.

 It’s  An Easy Plant to Grow

 It makes it easier if you have a green thumb and some time to learn, but there is a ton of information online, not to mention several strong books that you take a look at in virtually every book store. We found three in our local Barnes and Noble, and purchased The Cannabis Grow Guide to get ourselves up to speed. We’ll offer more detail as our readers request it, but after a few months of research, we realize that is possible to grow your own medicine with only a corner of your closet available.

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