Medical Marijuana vs. Prescription Drugs or Alcohol

So I am going to change tacks. I am going to ask for stories, and share stories. Please send what you have, and I will honestly share my experiences. I am going to start with a family member who has worked construction for over 40 years. The family joke is that he changed my diapers, and my dad didn’t.


When the company I started and sold in my late 20’s was bankrupted by the new owners, he was kind enough to get me into the union and I worked on commercial masonry jobs for many years. It was and is back breaking work. Worse was pain in your hands every morning. When my family got together recently, he was also the only one not taking lots of prescriptions drugs.

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When we worked together, a decade ago, I watched him have to literally “unfold” himself every morning. In an Irish family, we also have no shortage of people with problems with drinking. He had those as well. The point is that he has been using medical marijuana for 20 years, long before our society has considered it medicinal. He hasn’t had a drink in 15 years, is a productive and loving father to his daughters, and is one of the few people I know that beat addiction issues and has avoided the kind of heavy prescription drugs that addict so many.


Medical marijuana is new to popular culture and legal standards. It is not new to humanity. The sooner that we recognize that it is more akin to aspirin than cocaine, the sooner we can make needed changes. It is frankly not as strong a pain reliever than opiates, but it also does way less harm. Perfect sobriety is ideal, but alcohol is much more likely to kill you young than cannabis. It isn’t an ideal solution, but it can be an alternative.

Image result for free images medical marijuana pills booze

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